MMM : Oven Venticell

mmm Venticell
MMM : Oven Venticell

Accurate and quick; alternative model meeting higher demands

The line VENTICELL, due to its patented system of forced air circulation, ensures a homogenous temperature profile for all drying and heating processes. A higher quickness and preciseness of all tempering processes guarantee an economical operation. These units are suitable especially for materials with high humidity. (lebih…)

MMM : Oven Ecocell 55R

MMM Oven Ecocell 55R Convincingly cost saving laboratory dryer 55-liter chamber volume Working temperature of from +5°C over ambient temperature up to 250°C Natural fine air flow in the chamber, noiseless operation High-quality and safe drying, heating and tempering of common laboratory materials in laboratories and industry High operation comfort, Read more…