Yenaco Oven YNC
Tersedia dengan 3 type Oven berdasarkan kapasitas volume nya :
YNC-OV30L (Inner W. Chamber 34cm D 32cm H 32cm) 850 Watt
YNC-OV50L (Inner W. Chamber 42cm D 39.5cm H 35cm) 1100 Watt
YNC-OV80L (Inner W. Chamber 45cm D 40cm H 45cm) 1550 Watt
It Can Be Used In The Enterprises Of Industrials And Minerals, Academy Of Medical Sciences And Scientific Research Institution For Test Of Dry And Heat Treatment under The Condition Of Vacuum.
Product characteristic 
Interior incubator is manufactured with stainless mirror plane ( or wiredrawing-panel) argon arc welding. The outer incubator is made of quality steel plate with beautiful and novel shave. It adopts temperature control protection, digital display, microcomputer temperature controller with locating function to ensure precise and reliable temperature control. (intelligent program temperature control is an option) Hot air circulation system is composed of blower fan and proper air channels, which is capable of continuous operation under high temperature. The temperature inside the working chamber is even
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