memmert oven laboratorium

The Universal Oven U from Memmert is a high-quality laboratory oven designed for various applications in research, industry, and quality assurance. Memmert is a German manufacturer of laboratory equipment known for its high-quality products, and the Universal Oven U is one of its most popular products.

The Universal Oven U has a temperature range of 30°C to 300°C and is available in different sizes, ranging from 30 to 1060 liters. It features a precise temperature control system with a digital display and programmable timer, allowing for accurate and consistent temperature control. The oven also has a forced-air convection system that ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the chamber.

The Universal Oven U is equipped with an adjustable ventilation system that allows for rapid and efficient drying, heating, or cooling of samples. It also has an optional humidity control system that can be used for applications that require controlled humidity levels.

The oven is designed with safety in mind and comes with several safety features, including an over-temperature alarm, a door lock with a key, and a double-paned glass door for improved insulation. The oven is also energy-efficient, with low power consumption and minimal heat loss.

Overall, the Memmert Universal Oven U is a reliable and versatile laboratory oven that can be used for a wide range of applications. Its precise temperature control, uniform temperature distribution, and safety features make it a popular choice for researchers, scientists, and quality control professionals around the world.

The Universal Oven UN and UF with SingleDISPLAY are laboratory ovens manufactured by the German company Memmert. These ovens are designed for a wide range of applications in research, science, industry, and quality control.

The UN and UF ovens have a temperature range from 30°C to 300°C and a volume of 53 to 1060 liters. They are equipped with natural convection or forced air circulation, depending on the model, and offer precise temperature control and fast heating times. The ovens feature a SingleDISPLAY, which allows for easy programming and monitoring of temperature and time settings.

The UN and UF ovens are made with high-quality materials and have a robust construction that ensures long-lasting and reliable operation. They are also equipped with safety features such as an adjustable over-temperature protection and an independent temperature safety device.

The UN and UF ovens come with a variety of accessories, including shelves, trays, and racks, that can be easily adjusted to suit specific applications. They also have a range of optional features such as a humidity function, a CO2 gas inlet, and a programmable temperature ramp.

Overall, the Universal Oven UN and UF with SingleDISPLAY are versatile, efficient, and reliable laboratory ovens that offer precise temperature control and a wide range of features to meet the needs of various applications.


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