DAIHAN High-Performance Pro-microcentrifuge Set, “MaXpin C-12mt” Max. 13,500rpm

MaXpin c-12mt Daihan Centrifuge
New Generation High Performance Pro-microcentrifuge Set Daihan “MaXpin C-12mt”

Mikro sentrifus tipe Maxpin C-12mt ini dikeluarkan Daihan sebagai pengganti type CF-10 lama sebagai generasi baru yang lebih baik dan mumpuni performanya. Bekerja masksimum pada kecepata putarnya yaitu 13.500 rotasi per menit, dilengkapi dengan penutup bagian dalam berbahan aluminium dan menggunakan system kunci elektronik, menggunakan angle rotor PP yang autoclavable, selengkapnya spesifikasi centrifuge dapat dilihat dibawah ini.

■ Unbelievably Quiet Operation – Brushless DC motor
■ Perfectly Constructed Frame Structure. Strong Layered Aluminum Die Casting Lid
■ with Auto Lock Mechanism Assuring a Safe and Secure Lock.
■ High Performance – Digital Feedback Speed Control, Max. 13,500rpm, 12,225×g
■ Useful Exclusive Spin Down Function
■ Included MC Nylon Fixed Angle Rotor for 1.5-/2.0-ml×12 Tubes and
■ 12×0.2-/0.5-ml PCR Tube Adapters
■ Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System and Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
* The Easy to Use Compact Design Allows for Fast Centrifugation.
* Ideal for Fast Isolating and Pelleting of DNA, RNA, Proteins, and Cell Viruses.
* Max. 13,500 rpm with 12 Position, Maintenance Free, Autoclable PP Fixed Angle Micro-Rotor
* Autoclavable Rotors * Very Low Noise Level ≤ 57db. * Easy to Close Lid.
* Quiet Operation due to Optimized Air Flow Design * Easy to Use Controls and Display.
* Large Backlit LCD-screen for Settings and Parameters.
* Intuitive Controls and Easy to Read Display Simplifies Operation.
* Compact Design with Automatic Door Release. * Load Imbalance Detection.
* Strong Steel Layered Door with Safety, Auto-Lock Function.
* Soft Brake Function to Protect Delicate Samples * Sleek, Space Aaving Footprint.
* Brushless Motor Provides Maintenance Free Operation.
* The System Displays Errors, Excess Speed, and Open Lid.
* Biocontainment Rotor Lid Ensuring Securely Contained Samples
* PP Inner Lid for Maximize Saftey (optional)

Specifications & Ordering information

Spec. Model “MaXpin C-12mt”
RCF 1,000~13,500 RPM , 12,225×g
Max. Capacity 0.2-/0.5-/1.5-/2.0-ml×12 Tubes
Rotor PP Fixed Angle Rotor for 0.2-/0.5-/1.5-/2.0-ml×12 Tubes
Drive System Brushless DC motor, Direct drive,
Vibration Insulated, Couterclockwise Rotating
Noise Level ≤57 dB
Acceleration & Braking Time ≤12 sec (at Max. speed)
Cooling Device Air Cooling System
Timer & Alarm 99hr 59min (Continuous run), Error status & Timer-end
Display Large Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
Controller Digital Feedback Control with Jog-Shuttle Switch (Turn+Push)
Safety Circuit Motor Error Detector, Electronic Safety Lid Lock System
Material Lid-Aluminum Die Casting, Body-ABS, Rotor-PE
Dimension & Weight 187×253×h155 mm, 3.8 kg
Packing Size & Gross Weight 230×290×h245 mm, 4.3 kg
Power Consumption 90W
Electric Reqts. 1 Phase, AC 120V, 50/60Hz or AC 230V, 50 / 60Hz
Cat. No.
230V DH.WCF01350
120V DH.WCF01351
* Other Specifications are available upon Customer’s Request.

Jual Centrifuge Hanil Supra 22K

Of High Speed Centrifuge 'Silence' 'Safety' 'Speed' A representative model that improves user convenience High Performance Centrifuge with ergonomic design. * All rotor that can be used autoclave at 121 ℃.
Centrifuge Hanil Supra 22K

Of High Speed Centrifuge
‘Silence’ ‘Safety’ ‘Speed’
A representative model that improves user convenience High Performance Centrifuge with ergonomic design.
* All rotor that can be used autoclave at 121 ℃.

Features :
– One chip microprocessor control application
– Easy and fast operation and can be edited using the Easy to Key Pad
– The memory function to store the experimental conditions hold
– The rotor can be sterilized
– Eco-friendly refrigeration system applicable CFC Free
– RPM / RCF automatic conversion
– A / deceleration time can be set in 10 steps, suitable for delicate experiments separating layer
– Spin Down featuring [Pulse Function]
– Maximum capacity Angle fixed rotor 4x1000ml

Safety :
– Speed anomaly detection
– The chamber temperature anomaly detection
– Detect the rotor vibration
– System Error
– Door open detection
– Automatic rotor recognition

Specifications Hanil SUPRA 22K :

Max. RPM 22,000rpm
Max. RCF 53,029 x g
MAX. capacity 4 x 1000ml
Speed preset and display 1 rpm
Temperature range -10℃ to 40℃
Temperature limit set range 0℃ to ±30℃
Timer 99hrs 59min 59sec
Acceleration Phase 0 ~ 9 (10 steps)
Deceleration Phase 0 ~ 9 (10 steps)
Programmability 100 memory
Rotor recognition 15 rotors
Rotor radius set range 0.1 mm to max radius
Digital display RPM, RCF, Time, Temperature, Temp. Limit,
Program, Accel/Decel Time, Rotor Number,
Rotor Radius,∫w2df, Self Test
Power requirements 220V / 60Hz, single phase
noise level < 64dB
Dimension(W x D x H) 668 x 801 x 891/mm
Weight 230Kg

Biocotek (China) : Centrifuce TDL-80-2B

Centrifuge China 80-2B

Deskripsi produk :
Kami Jual Centrifuge China TDL-80-2B untuk memberikan pilihan dan alternatif belanja alat laboratorium centrifuge bagi para customer.
Seri TDL-80-2B ini memiliki kelebihan cubage yang kecil, berat badan yang ringan, berkapasitas besar, mempunyai tingkat kebisingan yang rendah dan tentu dengan harga terjangkau serta bergaransi dari distributor. Bingkai terbuat dari plastik berkekuatan tinggi. Sehingga hal ini dapat dengan mudah Lanjutkan membaca Biocotek (China) : Centrifuce TDL-80-2B

Gyrozen : Mini Centrifuge

Gyrozen Mini Centrifuge GZ-mini

Features :
Max. 13,500 rpm with 12-hole microrotor
Max. 12 microtubes or 32 PCR tubes
Compact design with automatic door release
Strong steel layered door with auto-lock function
Patented unique air-flow design
Minimized heat and noise generation
LCD display of speed and time remaining
Automatic RPM / RCF conversion
PULSE” key for quick runs
Time setting to 30 min
Rapid acceleration and deceleration
Alarms for over-speed and over-heat
Snap-fit, autoclavable rotor
Complete with autoclavable 12-place fixed angle micro-rotor,plastic rotor lid, and 12 adaptors for 0.2 ml PCR tube
Optional PCR rotor for 4 strips
Optional adaptors for 0.5 ml microtubes

Applications :
All kinds of molecular biology experiments such as cell-down, phenol extraction, simple spin-down, etc.

Specifications and Brochure

Harga, Rp. 12.273.000,-

Thermo Scientific : Sorvall Legend X1 Centrifuge Series

Thermo Scientific : Sorvall Legend X1 Centrifuge

The X1 Series can handle a range of general-purpose processing including cell culture, microplate, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology and many others. It features a convenient 1L capacity and is available in both ventilated and refrigerated units. Refrigerated models are ideal for processing temperature-sensitive samples.

Simple Operation

  • Intuitive control panel and digital display
  • Detailed operation information, including display of set and actual parameters, maximize run performance and temperature accuracy for improved sample protection
  • Easily adjust speed, time and temperature, even during the run with our convenient keyboard for direct input
  • Patented lid-locking technology enables one finger downward motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid, even on tall benches with optional automatic lid opening
  • Double temperature management system displays the air temperature in the chamber as well as the sample temperature, ensuring accurate control of the sample temperature during the run

Auto-Lock* III Rotor System

  • Secure locking system allows easy push-button installation and exchange of rotors
  • Saves time when switching rotors—between applications
  • Easy access to the chamber enables quick cleaning, a healthier working environment and longer unit life.

ClickSeal* Bucket Sealing System

  • Biocontainment system seals with a snap; eliminates screw caps and complicated clips
  • Glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability
  • Certified by CAMR* in Porton Down, UK

SMARTSpin* Technology

  • Advanced rotor management system maximizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor and bucket option
  • Optimizes safety and improves separations

Space-Saving Design

  • Compact size conserves workspace
  • Ergonomic height and curved design ensure comfortable sample handling and cleaning of unit

Energy Efficient
Design saves up to 40% of energy on industry standard protocols such as blood separations or conical-tube processing

Ventilated Sorvall Legend X1
Dimensions: 23.8L x 17.3W x 14.2 in.H [34.3 in.H open] (60.5 x 44 x 36cm [87cm open])
Net weight: 126.8 lb. (57.5kg)

Refrigerated Sorvall Legend X1R

  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Temperature Range: -10° to +40°C
  • Pre-Cooling Function with direct button
  • 23.8L x 24.5W x 14.2 in.H [34.3 in.H open] (60.5 x 62.3 x 36cm [87cm open])
  • Net weight: 201.7 lb. (91.5kg)

Health : Centrifuge

Health Centrifuge
This centrifuge is possessed of these special features following : it is beautiful in appearance, large in capacity but small in bulk, and has a complete function and a stable performance. You can choose the speed that you need at the rane and it can keep balance automatically. It has a little rate of increase in temperature, and can be used efficiently and widely. It is a dependable instrument for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma and immunity in hospital or chemical and biochemical laboratories.
Harga, Spesifikasi dan Brochure, Hubungi Admin

Gyrozen : Centrifuge 406G

Gyrozen Centrifuge 406G
Max. 4,000 rpm/2,000 xg
Max. 6 x 15 ml
Good for routine low speed centrifugation with less than 15 ml tubes
Robust construction with minimized heat and noise transmission
Time controls for timed runs up to 99 minutes or continuous operation
Program memory for up to 10 programs
Supplied completely with an angle rotor including 6 stainless sleeves for 15 ml tubes
Optional adaptors for 3, 5, 7 ml tubes
Specifikasi dan brosur disini
 Harga Rp. 15.157.000,-
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