Shimadzu UniBloc Analytical Balances ATX/ATY Series

ATX/ATY series
Shimadzu ATX/ATY Series

Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy mass sensor 3 Benefits of UniBloc.
The ATX/ATY series incorporates a one-piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc), first introduced by Shimadzu for precision balances in 1989. It excels in performance, and resists deterioration and damage
by ordinary impacts. The UniBloc’s compact, uniform structure replaces 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly and ensures stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time
and stable corner-load performance. The UniBloc design permits a consistency of production that assures reliability and a long operational life.


Denver : Top Balance SI 6002

Denver Top Balance SI-6002 FEATURES • Large, Back-lit Display • Comprehensive Program Library • Standard RS232 Interface allows ISO/GLP conforming Protocol • User Guidance by Short-Text-Terms APPLICATIONS • Counting • Weighing in Percent • Net Total (Formulation) • Calculating • Animal Weighing / Averaging • Totalising • Density Determination • Read more…