ATX/ATY series
Shimadzu ATX/ATY Series

Durable, high-performance aluminum alloy mass sensor 3 Benefits of UniBloc.
The ATX/ATY series incorporates a one-piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc), first introduced by Shimadzu for precision balances in 1989. It excels in performance, and resists deterioration and damage
by ordinary impacts. The UniBloc’s compact, uniform structure replaces 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly and ensures stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time
and stable corner-load performance. The UniBloc design permits a consistency of production that assures reliability and a long operational life.

Touch-key Calibration
Automated calibration can be started by pressing keys. (ATX series) Also, your external calibration weights can be used for span calibration. (All models)

Easy Setting
Best fit to weighing application Quickly adjust the desired ratio of stability and response for every application, even during measurement, with one-touch operation.

Calibration record
You can leave a record of execution of calibration. With serial number and ID of balance.

Large pan size
This model has the largest weighing pan in the class (91mm diameter).

Multiple weighing units
In addition to grams (g), weigh in ct, mg, oz, etc. or a custom conversion units.

Expanded Piece Counting Function Unit weights of up to 5 different samples can be easily entered, stored and recalled for use.

Comparator Function
Compare samples to target values or pass/fail criteria and clearly indicate the results.

Formulation Mode
Convenient for making many measurements of minute samples and seeking the total mass.

% measurement
The weight of the sample is converted to a percentage of the reference weight.
Power saving function
When weighing operation ends. Power automatically turns off after a fixed or pre-set time

WindowsDirect Communication Function Send balance data to Excel or other Windows applications without any data communication software installation required. By combining standard AutoPrint
functions with typical spreadsheet functions, even difficult applications can be easily automated.
*RS232C interface is needed.

Password lock
In order to ensure that the menu settings are not changed by mistake, the person managing the Balance controls the password and can prohibitmenu operation.

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