Precisa XB Series
Analytical Balance Precisa XB-220A

The Precisa Range of high-tech Balances and Analytical Equipment Swiss Precision.
Continually investing in development of new technologies, Precisa Gravimetrics AG funds wide-ranging
research by an in-house team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. In addition, Precisa maintains

close cooperation with national and international universities, technical colleges and colleges of applied
science to ensure that product innovations meet the latest technological requirements.
The result is a state-of-the-art product range, which fully reflects traditional Swiss characteristics such as precision, quality and reliability – plus a complete range of customer specific benefits.
World-Wide Performance.
Our uncompromising quality standards in research, manufacturing, design and after-sales service
have made Precisa one of the leading brands in our business field world-wide. As a result, Precisa
products are available in more than 1OO countries around the globe, exceeding the expectations of
their excellent image in countless laboratories and institutions. Precisa users throughout the world
benefit daily from our unique levels of competent support, quick processing time and individual,
customer-oriented solutions. Anytime, anywhere.
MASTER Series 320 XB
The Precisa 320 high performance series combines precision and quality, and offers the highest metrological performance and advanced integrated features.
The bright vacuum fluorescent display, generously sized weighing pan, easy-operation draft shield, plus all the standard integrated weighing programmes, combine to make the 320 XB series a high performance versatile precision balance.
High Precision technology
The 320 XB series owes its high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mechanical quality, operates extremely precisely; it can also be easily and economically repaired. Adjustable environmental settings provide superior performance in difficult production environments or unstable laboratory conditions.
Easy operation draft shield
The 320 XB series analytical draft shield is designed for easy operation combined with outstanding performance meeting rigid metrological requirements.
Maximum user friendliness
The 5-button keyboard enables the user to organize and structure the various weighing programmes & weight unit options and to optimize the features offered by the Precisa 320XB series balance.
Vacuum fluorescent display
The bright fluorescent display is attractive and easy to view. Application programme prompts and information are shown on the display as required.


Model  XB 220A 
Capacity 220 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Repeatability 0.1 mg
Linearity 0 2 mg
Pan Size Ø 80 / 3.1 (mm/inch)
Class / „e“ Class I / 1 mg

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