kett infrared moisture fd660
KETT Infrared Moisture Analyzer FD-660

FD-660 is good for Humans and Environment
New model FD-660, This unit determines the moisture and solid contents of samples by heating them using infrared illumination and measuring changes in mass due to evaporation. This is referred to as the loss on drying method and is the simplest method for determining moisture content and thus mandated by many public regulations related to measurement standard.

Organic carbon heater
An organic carbon heater is s used for the heat source. This heater emits infrared rays that are more than 2 times stronger than a halogen lamp in the wavelength range (2.5 to 3μm) in which moisture reacts with heat. This feature provides extremely efficient drying.
It is approximately 4 times the life of heater a comparable conventional infrared lamp. In addition, it is better for the environment as polluting halides and metals are not used.

Pre Heat mode / Auto tare mechanisum
This product is equipped with a Pre Heat mode to eliminate measurement error occurring immediately after turning on the power or when the temperature inside the measuring instrument is not stable. Auto tare is also incorporated in the FD-660. This feature allows for measurements while performing a zero point calibration, and therefore, scale drift is eliminated even when a test is performed over a long period of time. This feature allows for reliable measurement.

Specifications FD-660
Measurement method Detection of weight loss by heating & drying
Sample mass 1 – 80 g (optional weight sampling format)
Resolution Moisture content/Solid content: 0.1 % or 0.01 % (selectable)
The indication of 0.01 % is not guaranteed for accuracy.
Weight : 0.005 g
Measurement range 0 – 100 % (wet base, solid content) 0 – 500 % (dry base)
Repeatability (Standard deviation) Samples with a weight of 5 g or more, 0.1 %
(When using standard samples and measuring conditions as determined by Kett Electric Laboratory)
Display format LCD display (96 x 40 mm)
Measurement mode Automatic halting mode Timed halting mode (1 to 120min.)
External I/O RS-232C interface
Heat source Organic carbon heater (280 W x 2)
Power source 100-120V AC / 220-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Max. 900 W
Dimensions & weight 222 (W) x 360 (D) x 196 (H) mm, 3.2 kg
Sample dish Stainless steel (110 mm in diameter, 11 mm in depth)
Options Printer set (includes a printer “VZ-330”, a printer interface cable”VZC-14″, printer paper,
and an AC adapter), printer paper (10 rolls), package of aluminium foil sheets (500 sheets),
RS-232C cable “VZC-52”, data logger software “FDL-02”, sample crusher “TQ-100”, deodorizing windshield case “FW-100

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