GeneAll RibospinTM vRD, RibospinTM vRD II, RibospinTM Pathogen TNA,
ExgeneTM Viral DNA/RNA, GENTiTM Advanced Viral DNA/RNA

GeneAll® virus kits
GeneAll provides a variety of viral kits for rapid and efficient isolation of high-quality viral nucleic acids from a wide range of samples to streamline the detection of DNA and RNA viruses.

RibospinTM vRD, RibospinTM vRD II, RibospinTM Pathogen TNA, and ExgeneTM Viral DNA/RNA Kits utilize the unique GeneAll silicamembrane
to yield pure viral DNA and RNA.

Various samples are lysed in optimized buffer containing detergent and lytic enzyme. Under adjustment of binding condition, DNA in the lysate binds to silica membrane and contaminants are completely removed in 2nd wash steps. Finally pure viral DNA and RNA are eluted, ready for use in downstream applications.
GENTiTM Advanced Viral DNA/RNA Kit can be fully automated on the GENTiTM Advanced. Proven GeneAll magnetic bead separation technology enables rapid isolation of viral DNA and RNA in 17 minutes. The automated purification procedure helps to eliminate tedious work, repeated actions and human errors, providing efficient purification and concentrations of viral nucleic acid.

RibospinTM vRD greatly simplifies the isolation of viral RNA and DNA from cell-free body fluid and swab with fast spin-column.

  • Rapid isolation of high-quality viral RNA and DNA in 15 minutes
  • Fast procedure and easy handling without enzymatic treatment
  • No Carrier RNA cross-contamination
  • Ready-to-use DNA and RNA for PCR, RT-PCR, real-time PCR and other analytical procedures

RibospinTM vRD II utilizes unique designed Micro spin column to concentrate viral nucleic acids from diverse clinical samples.

  • Rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality viral RNA and DNA
  • Micro column and Carrier RNA included for the enhancement of viral nucleic acid extraction
  • Wash buffers reduce solvent carryover, resulting in absence PCR inhibitors
  • Suitable for novel detection and quantification in a wide range of Real-time PCR assay RibospinTM vRD II uses well-established technology for purification of viral nucleic acids. Micro spin column provided is optimized to bind low viral load specimen, while contaminants pass through the column. This kit also features a specialized buffer system that facilitates complete viral particle lysis for efficient viral nucleic acid extraction from samples containing Rota, Adeno, Noro, Influenza,
    M.tuberculosis, Respiratory Syncytical virus, Rhino, hMPV, Enterovirus, Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Zika, HBV, HIV, HCV, HAV, Parvo B10 etc..

RibospinTM Pathogen TNA
Simple and versatile isolation of pathogen nucleic acids
RibospinTM Pathogen TNA simplifies isolation of high-quality host genomic DNA, gram-positive/negative bacteria, and viral DNA/
RNA from a variety sample types, such as : whole blood, body fluids, tissue, stool and raw milk.

  • Same protocol for host genomic DNA, viral DNA, viral RNA, and bacterial DNA
  • Isolates nucleic acid from undiluted whole blood
  • Suitable for difficult fibrous tissues such as heart, brain, intestine and etc.
  • Rapid and standard protocols available
  • Suitable for a wide range of downstream applications for animal pathogen identification, animal pathogen genotyping, infectious
    disease research

ExgeneTM Viral DNA/RNA
ExgeneTM Viral DNA/RNA offers extremely effective, high-yield purification of viral nucleic acids from whole blood, body fluids, swab
and stool samples.

  • Concentrated nucleic acid for increased extraction efficiency
  • Micro column and Carrier RNA included for the enhancement of viral N/A extraction
  • Proteinase K provided for efficient DNA and RNA virus lysis
  • Purification of DNA and RNA with high sensitivity

GENTiTM Advanced Viral DNA/RNA
Isolate viral DNA and RNA from a broad range of sample materials
for in vitro diagnostic uses
GENTiTM Advanced Viral DNA/RNA Kit, in combination with the GENTiTM Advanced, is designed for the rapid and reliable isolation of
viral RNA and viral DNA from a wide range of clinical samples including plasma, serum, saliva, urine, blood, cell culture media, swab,
VTM, fecal samples.

  • Extraction of 1~32 samples in just 17 minutes
  • Rapid, standard and high performance protocols available
  • Novel, pre-filled reagent cartridges of ease of use
  • High nucleic acid quality for all downstream applications including PCR/qPCR and NGS
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