Analytical Balance Mettler Toledo ME204

Analytical Balance Mettler Toledo ME204, a precision instrument used for measuring the mass of substances with high accuracy. Here’s a breakdown of its features and applications:

Precision Weighing:

The ME204 is designed for highly accurate and precise weighing of substances. It typically has a high-resolution display and can measure mass down to microgram or even nanogram levels.
Analytical and Research Laboratories:

Analytical balances like the ME204 are commonly found in research and analytical laboratories where precise measurements are crucial. They are used in various scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology, physics, and pharmaceuticals.
Quality Control in Manufacturing:

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food processing use analytical balances for quality control purposes. Ensuring the accurate measurement of ingredients is essential for maintaining product consistency and meeting regulatory standards.
Sample Preparation:

Analytical balances are often used in sample preparation, where precise quantities of substances need to be weighed before experiments or analyses. This is critical to obtaining accurate and reproducible results.
Pharmaceutical Research and Development:

Pharmaceutical laboratories use analytical balances to measure the exact amounts of drug compounds during the development and formulation stages. This ensures the consistency and efficacy of pharmaceutical products.
Educational Institutions:

Analytical balances are also used in educational settings, particularly in chemistry and biology labs, to teach students about accurate measurement techniques and the importance of precision in scientific experiments.
Material Testing:

In material science and engineering, analytical balances are employed to measure the mass of materials for various testing purposes, such as determining material density or assessing the purity of substances.
Environmental Analysis:

Environmental laboratories use analytical balances for precise measurements in studies related to air and water quality, soil analysis, and environmental monitoring.
Calibration and Metrology:

Analytical balances are often used in calibration laboratories and metrology to calibrate other weighing instruments. They serve as reference standards for ensuring the accuracy of measurement devices.
Microbiology and Biotechnology:

In microbiology and biotechnology labs, analytical balances are used for measuring precise amounts of reagents and samples in experiments related to cell culture, DNA analysis, and protein studies.
The Mettler Toledo ME204, being an analytical balance, is a reliable tool for applications that demand high precision and accuracy in weighing. Its use is widespread across scientific, industrial, and educational settings where meticulous measurements are essential.

Analytical Balance Mettler Toledo ME204
Maximum capacity 220 g
Weighing platform dimensions ∅ 90 mm
Readability 0.1 mg
Repeatability 0.1 mg
Linearity 0.2 mg
Settling time 2.5 s
Sensitivity temperature drift 2.0 ppm/°C
Weight of balance 4.7 kg
Applications Formulation, Totaling, Dynamic Weighing, Piece Counting,
Density, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing,
Free Factor


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