Jual Labnet 211DS Laboratory Shaking Incubator

labnet 211ds1
Labnet 211 DS Shaking Incubator


Expanded Temperature Range
A small footprint, compact, stackable design and expanded temperature range make the 211DS incubators ideal for molecular biology and general use. Its integral orbital shaker makes it highly versatile.

Internal electrical outlet
Exclusive SmartChek™ temperature control system
Stackable design saves space
Full range of accessories available

Stable Temperature Control
Labnet’s exclusive SmartChek™ temperature control system guarantees precise temperature control. Mechanical convection maintains a stable temperature environment and provides quick recovery after opening the door. A safety thermostat is located on the back of the unit. The insulated door has a large, double glass observation panel and opens nearly 180° for easy access. Two full and one half shelf are supplied with each incubator. A flat platform and pre-drilled flask platform (clamps sold separately) are available for the 211DS. Internal electrical outlet allows using small equipment such as GyroMini™ or Mini LabRoller™ Rotator inside the chamber of the 211DS.

Product Specifications    
Chamber volume : 1.7 cu. ft./49 liters
Temperature range/display : Ambient +5° to 80°C in 0.1° increments/digital
Temp. uniformity/accuracy : ±0.25°C/±0.1°C
Shaker speed : 20 to 300 rpm
Shaker timer : 0 – 99 min or continuous
Shaker orbit : 19 mm
Flask capacity : 4 x 1 L, 5 x 500 mL, 9 x 250 mL, 16 x 125 mL
Construction : Interior – mirrored stainless, exterior – cold rolled steel
Chamber (W x D x H) : 13.5 x 14.75 x 15 in (34.3 x 37.5 x 38.1 cm)
Exterior (W x D x H) : 16.75 x 21.75 x 23 in (42.5 x 55 x 58 cm)
Weight : 83 lb/37.7 kg
Electrical : 230V~ or 120V~, 50/60 Hz

Daihan : Shaking Incubator WIS – 20

shaking incubator wis 20
Daihan : Shaking Incubator WIS 20

DAIHAN WiseCube WIS-20 Precise Shaking Incubator
BenchTop type,
Orbital Motion With Digital Fuzzy Control & Digital LCD-Light Back,
10~60℃, 20~250 rpm,
“PL insurance”

Applications & Features
-Useful for Biological Cultures under various Temperatures
-Precise Temperature Control by Digital Fuzzy Controller, from 10℃ to 60℃
-Digital Timer function : 99hours, 59minutes
-Jog-Shuttle Switch (Patent pending) and Touch sensitive membrane type Keypad
-Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
-Advanced Shaking Mechanism provides Quiet Shaking and Precise Speed Control with Digital Display
-Minimum Noise and No Vibration.
-Automatic Stop of Shaking, Heating and Refrigeration when Door is Opened.
-Over Temperature & Over Current Protection, Sensor Error Detection, Leakage Breaking.
-Accommodate Flask up to 1000ml
-Stabilized Orbital Motion
-Universal Spring Rack for Various Shapes/Sizes of Flasks is available (Optional)
-PL(Product Liability) Insurance

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Harga Rp. 55.309.000,-

Lab Companion – Jeio Tech Korea : Incubator IB-11E

Lab Companion : Incubator IB-11E


 Incubator IB-IE Lab Companion
Operating Features
    Temperature control: +3°C above ambient to 60°C.
    Microprocessor PID control.
    Simple calibration and auto-tuning functions.
    Digital timer with delayed ON/OFF function: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min.
    High temperature limit setting and open door alarm.
    Convenient preset function for 3 most commonly used temperature settings.
    Intuitive control panel with bright LED display (0.1℃ resolution) and touch-sensitive keypad.
Constructional Features
    Vibration-free design ideal for yeast cultivation.
    Compact and lightweight design with completely sealed gasket.
    Stackable up to 2 units using the optional stacking kit. (optional)
    Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner tempered-glass door.
    Detachable shelves and round-cornered chamber interior allowing easy cleaning.
Specification and Brochure
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Yenaco : Incubator YNC-INC

Yenaco : Incubator YNC-INC
It is necessary equipment for universities and college and departments of biology, agriculture and scientific research to store bacteria, cultivate organisms and conduct scientific researches.
1. Microcomputer controlled, with locating function, stability and reliability in using.
2. A glass door is installed in the interior outer door for convenient and clear observation, when the door is opened, the breeze-circulation heating will cease automatically without the disadvantage of overshooting.
3. Internal stainless mirror plane, electro-thermal film heating method, higher heating speed
YNC – INC – 30L (Chamber 34cm x 32cm x 32cm ) 200 W
YNC – INC – 50L ( Chamber 41.5cm x 36cm x 35.5cm ) 250 W
YNC – INC – 80L ( Chamber 50cm x 40cm x 40cm ) 350 W
YNC – INC – 160L (Chamber 50 cm x 50cm x 65cm ) 550 W
YNC – INC – 270L (Chamber 60cm x 60cm x 75cm ) 700 W
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Harga YNC – INC – 30L, Rp. 12.325.000,-

MMM : Incubator Friocell 55

Incubator Friocell 55

Precise, nature-adaptable, cost-saving – laboratory incubator

55-liter chamber volume
Working temperature of from 0.0°C up to 99.9 °C; from 5.0°C up to 70.0°C – only the 22-L volume
cooling system (ecological cooling medium R134a) offers a precise and
quick simulation of natural processes and reduces the risk of samples
evaporation; various types of the inner chamber lighting can be added to
the unit
High operation comfort; precise temperature
regulation; possibility to reach even extremely short times of
temperature changes and short times of temperature recovery in the
chamber after the door opening; the standard equipment includes inner
glass door and possibility to regulate the fan speed
Suitable for demanding and accurate tests and samples cultivation
model with a Fuzzy-Logic microprocessor control system; control
elements situated on a foil keyboard, process information indicated on a
LCD display
Wide range of optional equipment and accessories
Output for a printer or PC connection
Validation possibility (IQ , OQ)
Specification and BrochureHarga Incubator Friocell 55, Rp. 66.155.000,-
Disc. 10%