Yenaco : Incubator YNC-INC
It is necessary equipment for universities and college and departments of biology, agriculture and scientific research to store bacteria, cultivate organisms and conduct scientific researches.
1. Microcomputer controlled, with locating function, stability and reliability in using.
2. A glass door is installed in the interior outer door for convenient and clear observation, when the door is opened, the breeze-circulation heating will cease automatically without the disadvantage of overshooting.
3. Internal stainless mirror plane, electro-thermal film heating method, higher heating speed
YNC – INC – 30L (Chamber 34cm x 32cm x 32cm ) 200 W
YNC – INC – 50L ( Chamber 41.5cm x 36cm x 35.5cm ) 250 W
YNC – INC – 80L ( Chamber 50cm x 40cm x 40cm ) 350 W
YNC – INC – 160L (Chamber 50 cm x 50cm x 65cm ) 550 W
YNC – INC – 270L (Chamber 60cm x 60cm x 75cm ) 700 W
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Harga YNC – INC – 30L, Rp. 12.325.000,-


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