Benchtop Orbital Shaker Labwit ZWF-334

Orbital shaker labwit
The benchtop shakers from LABWIT provide small capacity shaking for all kind of laboratories. This microprocessor controlled units offer a number of advanced features including a user friendly.

Shakers and rockers are ideal for almost any vessels from tubes through petri dishes and microtitre plates to conical flasks. Shakers are available with either an orbital action where the platform moves in a circular orbit or a reciprocal linear movement where the platform moves back and forth horizontally. An orbital action provides a swirling action on the sample, ideal for aeration. A linear shaker is more aggressive making it ideal for applications such as extractions. A sew saw rocking action provides a wave motion in the sample, ideal for washing.
Labwit offers a comprehensive range of shakers and rockers, units are available with three actions, orbital, linear and see-saw, and two sizes, benchtop and floor models.

The benchtop shakers from LABWIT provide small capacity shaking for all kind of laboratories.
This microprocessor controlled units offer a number of advanced features including a user friendl y
digital keypad with a large display.
These shakers with a streamlined design and an easy-access control panel are reliable, affordable and
compact without compromise. They can be used in cold and warm rooms and also in incubators if the
temperature is not higher than 50°C or lower than 5°C. (Non-condensation)

1. Powerful triple eccentric drive mechanism for a life time smooth and continuous motion.
2. Microprocessor controller.
3. Large LCD display allows easy programming and presents a functional read-out of time and speed.
4. Set point retention after power failure .
5. Soft start and stop system.
6. Audio/visual alarm for deviations of set points and when timer operation has expired.
7. Optional interchangeable platforms (Clamp Tray or Rubber Bar Tray) for ZWY-304 and ZWF-334

ZWF-334 Reciprocal benchtop shaker
Digital control with LCD panel with 330x350mm clamp tray
Reciprocal movement, variable speed from 30-300rpm, 4 variable strokes
Robust brushless AC motor ensures super quiet operation
500hrs timer and non-volatile memory in the event of power interruption
Clamp tray is inter changeable with cradle tray and non-slip mat tray

Jual Digital Orbital Shaker Daihan

Orbital Shaker
Digital Orbital Shaker Daihan SHO-2D

DAIHAN WiseShake SHO Digital Orbital Shaker, 10~300 rpm, Low Noise & Long Life Cycle Programmable Digital Feedback Control System, Rubber Mat Platform & Variable Flask Holders. Orbital Shaker with Platform.

Application & Features
– Ideal for Culturing Cells to Hybridization, Staining and Destaining Gels, and Combinatorial Chemistry
– Optimal Platform Rotation for Intensive Mixing
– Brushless DC Motor (Low Noise & Long Life Cycle)
– High Precision Digital Rotation Speed Control
– Programmable Operation Mode Supported
– Digital LCD Display with Back-Light Function
– Smooth Start and Change of Shaking Speed
– Universal Platform for Easy and Fast Fixation of Any Kind of Flasks and Bottles (Optional)
– Storage Function, Alarm & Over- Load Protection
– Locking Mode Supported for Experimental Safety (Input to Jog-Shuttle can be Disabled)
– Variety of Optional Accessories are Available
– Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System
– CE Certified
– PL(Product Liability) Insurance : One Hundred Million/Korean Won for Each of Human and an Object

Harga Rp. 19.145.000,-

ZHICHENG : Benchtop Shaker Model: ZHWY-334

ZHICHENG : Benchtop Shaker Model: ZHWY-334
 Benchtop Shaker
Control: P.I.D microprocessor
Shaking Speed: 30-300 rpm (±1rpm)
Shaking Motion: Reciprocating
Timer: 0-500 hours
Setting: Digital
Display: LCD
Maximum Capacity: 7.5Kg
Platform Size: 330×350 mm
Exterior Size: 400x350x150 mm
Voltage: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 25W
Weight: 15Kg
Warranty: 1 year
Harga Rp. 13.011.000,-
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