DAIHAN WiseTherm FH Digital Muffle Furnaces

Daihan FH-14 Furnace

Ceramic Fiber embeded Heating Wire, 4-Side Heating
Digital PID Controller
Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System and Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
CE Certified
“PL(Product Liability) Insurance”: One Hundred Million/Korean Won(\) for Each of Human and an Object Lanjutkan membaca DAIHAN WiseTherm FH Digital Muffle Furnaces

Daihan WiseTherm : Digital Muffle Furnaces F-14

Daihan Furnaces F-14
 Furnace laboratory, Daihan Furnaces
for Ash-determinations, Enameling, Fusions, Ignitions, and Performing
precipitate drying.
Digital PID Controller.
Simplest Control by Jog-Shuttle Switch and
LCD display.
Ceramic Fiber with Heating Wire, 4-Side Heating.
Short Heating-Up Periods.
Digital Timer Function : 99 hr 59 min.
Over Temperature & Over Current Protection,
Sensor Error Detection.
Low Weight and High Grade Insulation.
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Harga Rp.  37.245.000,-
Ukuran Volume lainnya : 3l (F-03), 5l (F-05), 12l (F-12), 27l (f-27)