MyLife : Autoclave TYPE MA – 635-1 ( 35 LITER )


Health Autoclave MA-635-1 (35 liter)

Caracteristic :
1. Sterilizing course : Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate
2. Temperature and time digital display, touch type keystroke
3. After sterilization, it will automatically disconnect the power, let steam and then alarm
4. The electrical – heated elements of the unit are immersion tubes with high heaing effects
5. With over temperature, over pressure auto protect device
6. The door can’t be open when the inner pressure more than 0.027 Mpa, with self lock device
7. Whole body inner and outher made by stainlees steel, anti rust, easy maintenance and long time could be use

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MyLife Autoclave
Autoclave Gas, Cat hijau /abu-abu, 29 X 25cm 16 liter
Autoclave Electric Cat hijau / abu-abu, 29 X 25cm , 16 Liter
Timely check the required temperature & period by means of stagnations thermometer, sterilizing indicator & bacterial culture methode to ensure satisfactory sterilization.
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