Thermoreactor COD Analysis ECO6

6-position thermoreactor for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) with settable temperature (up to 200 °C) and operating time (up to 199 minutes).

The ECO 6 is designed to process 6 samples (200 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm) simultaneously. Electronic temperature control ensures temperature regulation from ambient to 200 °C and the analysis time can be set from 1 to 199 minutes or continuous.

A LED display shows the temperature and time remaining. Dedicated adapters are available for different sizes and quantities of test tubes making the ECO 6 an extremely flexible and versatile instrument: 6 Ø 42 mm test tubes; 6 Ø 22 mm test tubes or 18 Ø 16 mm test tubes.

Intuitive Parameters Setting, Digital Display
COD Analysis Thermoreactor ECO 6 ensures a simple and easy programming of time and temperature, the parameters involved in the analysis.
Through the digital display it is possibile to monitor the test at any time, with the countdown constantly shown.
The unit automatically shuts down when the analysis time expires, whilst safety is of primary importance, as demonstrated by the several acoustic and visual signals that report unpleasant situations.

High Versatility, Different Tubes Supported
ECO 6 COD Thermoreactor has been originally designed to support relatively big test tubes (Ø 42 mm), but thanks to smart reducer it can be used with 18 small tubes (Ø 16 mm). This makes ECO 6 really versatile and flexible, as it can digest samples according to different methods.
The micro digestion method, with Ø 16 mm test tubes, minimizes reagent consumption and reduces the required space and equipment to one reactor block that works on several samples at the same time. ECO 6 is suitable for performing a short time COD analysis, in only 30 minutes with a high digestion temperature (160 °C).
When using the Ø 42 mm tubes, a kit of glassware is necessary.

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