KNF Chemical resistant
KNF Vacuum Pump Chemical Resistant

KNF LABOPORT ® adalah sebuah merek dagang yang memproduksi pompa vakum / vacuum pump dengan system diafragma. Pompa ini dapat digunakan untuk mentransfer dan mengevakuasi hampir semua gas dan uap laboratorium. Dicirikan khususnya dengan penggunaan bahan tahan kimia seperti serba PTFE untuk kepala pompa, FFPM untuk katup, dan diafragma terstruktur KNF dengan lapisan PTFE.

Seri N 840 dan N 840,3 adalah seri yang tahan kimia, mengaplikasikan sistem diafragma baik yang berkepala tunggal atau double, vacuum pump chemical resistant jenis ini telah banyak digunakan dalam berbagai aplikasi laboratorium. alat ini bekerja mentransfer dan pompa tanpa kontaminasi. Inti dari pompa ini sangat kompak yaitu KNF diafragma terstruktur .Diafragma ini telah dipatenkan dan dapat dioptimalkan menggunakan metode Finite Elemen. Sebagai hasilnya, kami mampu membuat vacuum pump berukuran kecil sambil meningkatkan aplikasi sistem diafragma. Berikut adalah technical featurenya.

Technical features:
– 100% oil-free transfer
– Pure transferring and evacuation of gases
– Highly compatible with vapours and condensation
– Chemically-resistant
– Therefore suitable for highly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapours
– Maintenance-free
– Environmentally friendly
– Gastight, leakage rate approx. 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s,not tested in serial production

Vacuum pumps ini banyak digunakan dalam laboratorium penelitian dan laboratorium industrial meliputi:

– Composite Plastic moulding processes (VRTM)[1]
– Driving some of the flight instruments in older and simpler aircraft without electrical systems.
– The production of most types of electric lamps, vacuum tubes, and CRTs where the device is either left evacuated or re-filled with a specific gas or gas mixture
– Semiconductor processing, notably ion implantation, dry etch and PVD, ALD, PECVD and CVD deposition and soon in photolithography
– Electron microscopy
– Medical processes that require suction
– Uranium enrichment
– Medical applications such as radiotherapy, radiosurgery and radiopharmacy
– Analytical instrumentation to analyse gas, liquid, solid, surface and bio materials
– Mass spectrometers to create an ultra high vacuum between the ion source and the detector
– Vacuum coating on glass, metal and plastics for decoration, for durability and for energy saving, such as low-emissivity glass
– Hard coating for engine components (as in Formula One)
– Ophthalmic coating
– Milking machines and other equipment in dairy sheds
– Vacuum Impregnation of porous products such as wood or electric motor widings.
– Air conditioning service – removing all contaminants from the system before charging with refrigerant
– Trash compactor[citation needed]
– Vacuum engineering
– Sewage systems (see EN1091:1997 standards)
– Freeze Drying
– Fusion Research

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