KNF Laboport N840.3.FT.18

The chemically-resistant series N 840.3 FT.18 diaphragm pumps are single- and double-head, dry-running devices used in a wide range of laboratory applications. They transfer and pump down without contamination.

Technical features:
100% oil-free transfer
Pure transfer, evacuation and compression
Highly compatible with vapours and condensation
Therefore suitable for highly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapours
Environmentally friendly
Gastight, leakage rate approx. 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s, not tested in serial production.

N 840.3 FT.18
Delivery (l/min)1) 34
Ultimate vacuum (mbar abs.) 8
Operating pressure (bar g) 1
Connectors for tube (mm)  ID 10
Permissible gas and ambient temp. +5…+40 °C
Voltage/Frequencies 230V/50Hz
Motor protection IP 44
Power P1 245 W
Operating current 1.8 A
Weight 12.6 kg
Dimensions LxHxW (mm) 341/226/166
With thermal switch and power fuse
Motors with
other voltages and frequencies on request.



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