HYSC : Fume Hood

Upper and lower separable and designed for the height of workers waist.
Water supply available by adjust valve.
110V, 220V socket available for the convenience to use outside device.
Various utility valve
Tempered glass for the protection of tester.

Model    Work area(WxD)  Dimension(WxDxH)
FH-120   1030×650             1200x800x2300
FH-150   1330×650             1500x800x2300
FH-180   1630×650             1800x800x2300
External : Steel,Powder coating
Internal : Stainless steel (STS #304)
Work top : Ceramite board
Material Windows : Safety glass 5t
Face Velocity : 0.25~0.5 m/sec
Illuminator : Semi Vapor proof
Utility Device : Air, N2, Water cock & 110/220V receptacle
Electric Requirements : 220VAC 50/60Hz
Weight (kg) : FH-120-270, FH-150-320, FH-180-370


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