MMM : Incubator Incucell 55R
Incubator, Laboratory Incubator 
Natural, precise – laboratory incubator
55-liter chamber volume
Working temperature of from +5°C over ambient temp. up to 70°C/99.9 °C
Noiseless operation and fine air flow in the chamber
operation comfort, precise temperature regulation and short times of
temperature recovery in the chamber after the door opening
and safe drying, heating and tempering of common laboratory materials
in laboratories and industry; suitable for safe processing of
microbiological cultures
Standard model with a Fuzzy-Logic
microprocessor control system; control elements situated on a foil
keyboard, process information indicated on a LED display
Wide range of optional equipment and accessories
Output for a printer or PC connection
Validation possibility (IQ , OQ)
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Harga Incubator Incucell 55R, Rp.24.707.000,-


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