Sanplate Desiccator Super Dry Keeper EXTRA 25015

type 25015 desiccator
Sanplate Desiccator 25015

It is a table top auto desiccator with a digital adjustor. The moisture control by ON-OFF control of a dehumidifier is possible. (30% RH to atmospheric humidity) Measured values, set values, etc. are displayed on the LC monitor in 11 segments. Timer operation of “start or stop of control after the predefined period” is possible.
(* The air circulation motor is constantly operated) Exchanges of data with PC is attained by an optional loader cable. (Software can be downloaded from

The shelf board can be adjusted in 15 steps with intervals of 28mm.

Specification :
External dimentions : 312 mm (W) x 390 mm (D) x 617 mm (H)
Effective inner dimentions : 255 mm (W) x 332 mm (D) x 428 mm (H)
Dehumidifier : Solid molecular electrolytic film
Dehumidification capacity : 4g/day *
Humidity control method : ON-OFF control
The humidity control range : 30% RH to atmospheric humidity
Humidity sensor : Capacitance type polymer sensor
Humidity sensor accuracy : ±3% RH (25 degrees C, 5 to 95% RH)
Power source : Single-phase AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption : 18WWeight
Approx. 7kg
Operating ambient temperature : 0 to 40

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